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Everyday Science Mcqs Topic Discovery and Inventions PPSC: EXCISE AND TEXATION INSPECTOR Q: Who discovered pencillin

  • Viscount
  • (B) McMillion
  • (C)  Pasteur
  • (D)  None of above

PPSC: EXCISE AND TEXATION INSPECTOR Q: Malaria Germs were discovered by

  • Alphonse larvene
  •  (B)  Sir Thomas
  • (C)  Reve Cardim
  • (D) None of above

PPSC: Tarific Wardens Q:  Who invented the printing press

  • Graham Bell
  • (B) Marconi
  • (C)  Johann Gutenberg
  • (D)  Thomas Edison

PPSC: Tarific Wardens Q: Who discovered America

  • Christopher Columbus
  • (B) George Washington
  • (C)  Captain Cook
  • (D)  Gulliver

PPSC: Junior Petrol Officer Q: The Laws of Motion were discovered by

  • Edison
  • (B) Newton
  • (C)  Galileo
  • (D)  Graham Bell

PPSC: Sub inspector Q: X rays were discovered by

  • Rontgen
  • (B) Thomson
  • (C)  Rutherford
  • (D)  Madame Curie

PPSC: Labor Officer Q: Bronchitis is a disease related to

  • Stomach
  • (B) Respiratory tract
  • (C)  Brain
  •   (D)  Nervous system
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