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General Knowledge MCQs

General Knowledge MCQs for Test Preparation of NTS PPSC FPSC. This MCQs are most noteworthy part of test preparation of Testing Authority.

First of all, this category contain all General Knowledge MSQs related to paper. That are useful for job test exam. So, this knowledge is similar to the NTS PPSC FPSC PTS OTS PMS CSS AND UTS paper point of view. Above all the knowledge giving help to pass the paper. Almost complete Knowledge for Paper.

General Knowledge MCQs Importance

Furthermore, all mcqs question must be asked in paper. Because we provided you all knowledge according to paper pattern. Finally read it and get good marks in exam. as a result you find mcqs in test paper of nts, ppsc, fpsc while given test.

General Knowledge MCQs Topics

  1. Geography of World            2.Universe

                           Geography of World

Top World Continents with Area and Population

Continent Area Population (million) Percentage
Asia 43,820,000 4216 60%
Africa 30,370,000 1072 15.29%
North America 24,490,000 546 7.79%
South America 17,840,000 396 5.65%
Antarctica 13,720,000 .005 0.00007%
Europe 10,180,000 740 10.56%
Australia 9,008,500 37 0.52%


Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above :

  1. Which one is the Biggest Continent of the world according to Area ?                                                                                                                                      1. Asia    2. Africa      3. North America       4. Australia
  2. Which one is the Smallest Continent of the World according to Area ?                                                                                                                                        1.   Africa   2. North America    3. Australia    4. Asia
  3.  Which Continent Find the Biggest Population of the World                          1. Antarctica    2.  Asia   3. Australia   4. Africa
  4. the Smallest Continent of the world according to Population ?                        1. Australia   2. Asia    3. Antarctica   4. Africa

       Highest Point of Continental Altitudes

Continent Highest Point Feet Elevation
Asia Mount Everest (Nepal-Tibet) 29,029
South America Aconcagua (Argentina) 22,830
North America Mount McKinley (United States) 20,335
Africa Mount Elbrus (Russia) 19,341
Europe Mount Elbrus (Russia) 18,481
Antarctica Vinson Massif (Antarctica) 16,050


Puncak Jaya (Papua-Indonesia) 16,024


Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above :

  1. Highest Point of Mount Everest Find in which Continent                             1. South America   2. Africa   3. Europe    4. Asia 
  2. The Highest Point Mount Everest fall in Nepal and Tibet, What is Length of Mount Everest in Feet                                                                         1. 29,029   2.   29,000    3. 29,080      4.29,010
  3. Find the South America Continent Lowest Point name                                              1. Laguana del Carbone                2. Dead Sea                               3. Caspian Sea                                 4. Lake Eyre

                                    World Oceans 5

Name Area Average Depth
Pacific 155,557,000 4,280
Atlantic 76,763,000 3,926
Indian 68,556,000 3,963
Southern 20,327,000 3,456
Arctic 14,056,000 1,205

                   MCQs  also with answers

Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above : 

  1. Tell the Name of World Biggest Oceans                                                            1. Pacific           2. Atlantic         3. Indian            4. Arctic
  2. The Average Depth of Pacific ?                                                                             1. 45.7                     2. 22.5                      3. 8.3               4.3.9

                                  List of Seas

Name Area (Sq Km)
South China Sea 2,974,600
Caribbean Sea 27,53,170
Mediterranean Sea 25,03,900
Bering Sea 22,68,200
Sea of Okhotsk 15,27,000
East China Sea 12,49,000
Sea of Japan 10,07,700
Andaman Sea 7,97,600
North Sea 5,75,300
Black Sea 4,62,000
Red Sea 4,37,000
Baltic Sea 4,22,300

                       List of Islands of World

Name Location Area (sq Km)
Kalaalit Nunaat North Atlantic Oceans 21,75,597
New Guinea Southwest Pacific Ocean 8,20,033
Borneo West central Pacific 7,43,197
Malaqasv Indian Oceans 5,87,042
Baffin North Atlantic Oceans 4,76,068
Sumatra Northeast Indian Oceans 4,73,065
New Zealand South Pacific Oceans 2,70,000
Honshu Western Pacific Oceans 2,30,316
Great Britain Atlantic Oceans 2,29,993

     List of Highest Mountain Peaks of World

This is the list of highest Mountain Peaks of the world by the Ranking and also describe the continent which they fall, country where they fall, and range, also explain the Height of the mountain in meter and feet. Also most noteworthy Mcqs related Knowledge.

Name Country Range Height (m) Height (feet)
Mt Everest Nepal-Tibet Himalaya 8,848 29,035
K2 (Godwin Austen) Pak-China Karakoram 8,611 28,250
Kangchenjunga Nepal-India Himalaya 8,586 28,169
Lhotse Nepal-China Himalaya 8,516 27,940
Makalu Tibet-Nepal Himalaya 8,485 27,766
Cho Oyu Nepal-China Himalaya 8,188 26,906
Dhaulagiri 1 Nepal Himalaya 8,167 26,795
Manaslu Nepal Himalaya 8,163 26,781
Nanga Parbat Pak Himalaya 8,126 26,660
Annapurn1 Nepal Himalaya 8,091 26,545
Gasherbrum 1 Pak-China Karakoram 8,080
Broad Peak Pak-China Karakoram 8,051
Gasherbrum 2 Pak-China Karakoram 8,034
Shishapangma Tibet- China Himalaya 8,027
Gayachung Kang Nepal-Tobet Himalaya 7,952


Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above : 

1. Highest mountain peak of Karakoram mountain rang is

  1. Mount Everest
  2. K2 (Goddwin Astin, Chogori)
  3. Nanga Parbat
  4. Rakapohi

2. Which is the Highest mountain peak of the world ?

  1. Mount Everest 2. K2 3. Nanga Parbat 4 Non of these

3. Mount Everest is present in the range of mountains

  1. Karakoram 2. Himalya 3. Andies 4. Hindukush

4. Mount Everest height is 29,029 ft what is its height in metres ?

  1. 8594     2. 8291      3. 8848      4. 8926

5. Height mountain peak Mount Everest is situated in ?

  1. Nepal      2. India      3. China        4. Pakistan

6. Atlas Mountain are present in

  1. South Africa  2. Morocco  3. Niger  4. Congo

7. Mount Lhotse is fond in

  1. Nepal      2. India      3. Pak       4. Tibet

Lakes| Major Natural Lakes of World also with MCQs.

Name Location Water
Caspian Sea Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan Salt
Superior Lake USA, Canada Fresh
Victoria Lake Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya Fresh
Aral Sea Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Salt
Huron USA, Canada Fresh
Tanganyika Tanzania Zaire Fresh
Baikal Russia Fresh
Great Bear Canada Fresh


Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above : 

  1. Caspian Sea fin in which Location

1. Turkmenistan  2. USA 3. Pakistan    4. India

Popular and Major Lake of the world?

  1. Lake Mead 2. Lake Victoria 3. Huron 4. Lake Erie

10 Famous Shipping Canals of World

Name Location
Beloye More Baltic Sea
Suez Egypt
Gota Sweden
Volga-Moscow Russia
Kiel Germany
Volga-Don Russia
Elbe-Trave Germany
Panama Central America
Manchester England
Welland Canada

Top 10 Deserts of World, also MCQs

Name Country Area (sq km)
Sahara North Africa 8,400,000
Arabian Syria and Saudi Arabia 1,300,000
Kalahari South Africa 900,000
Thar Pakistan, India 260,000
Taklamakan China 340,000
Australian Desert Australia 1,550,000
Gobi Central Asia 1,040,000
Turkmenistan Central Asia 450,000
Rub’al Khali Arabia 647,000
Nubian Desert North Africa 259,000


Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above :

Which is the largest desert in the world present in north Africa ?

  1. Atacama  2. Sahara   3. Gobi   4. Rub’ al-khali

Thar Desert find in which Countries

  1. China 2. Australia 3. Pakistan 4. non of these

Taklamakan desert is situated in

  1. China        2. Russia        3. India       4. Congo

List of Major River of the World

Name Location Length in km
Nile Africa/Egypt 6,670
Amazon South America/Brazil 6,448
Missouri North 6,300
Mississippi America/US
Yangtze-Kiang Asia/China 5,490
Yenisei Asia/Siberia 5,300
Hawang-Ho Asia/China 4,840
Lana Europe/Russia 4,800
Niger Africa/Nigeria 4,800
Congo Afric/Naire 4,374


Read the Above all articles carefully, because all the answers detail giving above : 

World Largest River is ?

  1. Nile          2. Amazon               3. Non of these                4. lena

Similarly, Length of  River Nile

  1. 6,640          2. 6,670           3. 6,600              4.6,580

World Second Largest River is ?

  1. Nile             2. Lena         3. Niger        4. Amazon

Almost, Length of lena River is ?

  1.  4,800        2. 4,600        3. 4,300          4. 4,900

Finally, which is the longest river os America

  1. Missouri      2. Mississippi      3. Red     4. Colorado

List of Largest Crops Producing Countries of World also with MCQs

Crops Main Producing Countries
Wheat 1.China 2. USA 3. Canada 4. Australia 5.Turkey
Rice 1 China 2 India 3 Pakistan 4 Japan 5 Myanmar
Sugarcane 1 Brazil 2 India 3 Cuba 4 China 5 Mexico
Cotton 1 China 2 Russia 3 USA 4 India 5 Pakistan
Tea 1 India 2 China 3 Sri Lanka 4 Russia 5 Japan
Coffee 1 Brazil 2 Columbia 3 lvory 4 Coast 5 Uganda

List of Largest Mineral Producing Countries of World also with mcqs

Mineral Countries
Aluminum Jamaica, Surinam, France, Ghana, USA
Asbestos Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa
Chromium South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Pakistan
Coal USA, Russia, China, Germany, UK
Copper Chile, USA, Russia, China, Germany
Gold China, South Africa, USA, Australia, Canada
Graphite Sri Lanka
Iron Ore Russia, USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden
Lead USA, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium
Lignite Germany, Russia
Magnesium India, Russia, Mexico, Lvory Coast, Pakistan
Mercury Italy, Spain, USA
Mica India
Nickel Canada
Petroleum Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Qatar
Platinum Russia, Columbia
Silver Mexico, Canada, Russia, USA, Australia
Tin South Africa, China, Malaysia, Bolivia
Uranium Zaire, South Africa, USA, Canada, Germany
Thorium India, Brazil and USA
Zinc Canada, Russia, Belgium and Germany

List of Major Industries Chief Manufacturing Countries

Industry Chief Manufacturing Countries
Iron and Steel China, USA, Russia, Japan
Textiles (Cotton) USA, China, Pakistan, India
Textiles (Woolen) Russia, UK, Japan, Australia
Chemicals USA, Germany, UK, Russia
Paper USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany
Rubber Thailand, INDONESIA, Malaysia, Sri Lanka